Leanna G

While i cant write about their pools i CAN attest that i witnessed 2 of their employees go beyond what most other people were willing to do in order to help another person in need.. Everybody was hurrying down Prima Vista this Tuesday morning. In the north side of the westbound side of the road, there was a broken down van with a single older gentleman trying to push it and steer to get out of the way of traffic. I watched irritated people get over and just drive right by this poor guy. As a woman, i was appalled to see the volume of so-called men just ignore this older gentleman struggle in the FL heat! I pulled out of traffic to the park and help the gentleman. But by the time i could park a guy from the passenger side of the truck had gotten out and helped push the van out of traffic with the driver following with the hazards on the work truck. I was happy to see that these young men, who were also heading to work…like everyone else that passed by this guy…but they had enough compassion to stop and think of someone else’s needs before their own. I can say that should I ever need any services that this company offers i will definitely use them. Just a bit of kindness shows people a lot. Those are the kind of people I want to be around and would place my trust in. It is most likely that this kind of characteristics are shown in their work ethics as well. Kudos to you 2 gentlemen. Thank you. I hope you are recognized for all the good things you do! You set a good example for others.

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