Sky-High Demand for Florida Pool Construction


Over the past year, people have been spending more time at home than ever, leading them to invest in their abodes. Here in the Sunshine State, there’s no better way to revamp your home than to have a custom pool installed. This means that while it’s an exciting time here in Florida for pool builders, the pool construction business is also working to keep up with unprecedented demand.

Here at A&G Concrete Pools, we’ve been adapting to fluctuations in the market for over 34 years. So, while we remain firmly committed to delivering top-caliber services to each of our clients, we’re also navigating the remarkable demand in Florida pool construction. Here, we’ll discuss what this means for our clients across the Treasure Coast.

Managing Extraordinary Demand

More homeowners are embarking on custom pool projects than ever before. This jump in demand has put a strain on the availability of materials and labor in pool construction, elongating the expected timeline for a custom pool project.

This shouldn’t deter your dreams of a home pool. Rather, it indicates that beginning the process now will keep the project from getting drawn out further. All pool companies are subject to the same difficulties in the current market, including material and labor shortages. So, the best option is to work with an experienced company with the expertise to navigate unknowns in the market.

A&G is equipped to manage extreme demand in pool construction through:

Forecasting and Inventory

As demand for custom pools is increasing, so are costs. If materials are purchased after a pool construction project is already underway, the cost to construct the pool may rise far beyond the initial quote.

A&G’s 20,000 square-foot warehouse helps to prevent this problem. Combined with our expertise in forecasting, our capacity to store inventory allows us to purchase materials before calculating custom pool quotes. This way, we deliver on our promises to our clients, no matter how variable the market may be.

Fully-Owned Equipment

By owning our own trucks and equipment, we remove one variable from the pool construction process. Rather than having to rent equipment, we’ll simply deploy our own equipment from the A&G warehouse, both cutting costs and preventing delays.

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Due to extraordinary demand in Florida pool construction, our 2023 reservations have rapidly been filled, and
is currently our earliest start date for new projects. By making your reservation now for 2024 pool construction, you’ll benefit from locked-in prices on materials and labor, as well as added time for pool design planning.

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