Caring for Your Pool

Pool Care Tips from the Professionals in Treasure Coast

Owning a pool comes with certain responsibilities and maintenance tasks to minimize the chance of expensive repairs and to extend the lifespan of your pool. A proper maintenance routine can save your pool from succumbing to a variety of conditions, such as broken filters, algae buildup, and staining.

A&G Concrete Pools, Inc. in Treasure Coast, has over 30 years of experience in pool construction and remodeling, and we’re here to pass along some of our wisdom. Here are some fundamental pool care tips to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your pool for years to come.

Skimming and scrubbing

While regular skimming and cleaning of your pool may seem like a no-brainer, it’s one of the most essential parts of your maintenance routine. You should skim your pool at least once on a daily basis to prevent the buildup of organic materials in the water. Additionally, you’ll want to scrub the sides of your pool at least every other week. If you’re having trouble with a stubborn stain, consider filling a sock with chlorine and allowing it to sit on the stain for a couple of hours.

Maintaining your filters

Your filters are an important part of your pool. They work hard to remove dirt, leaves, and other small debris, keeping your pool water fresh and clear. Clean your filter basket once a week by turning off the filter and removing the cap to access the basket. Once a month, you’ll want to set your filter to backwash to flush out your filter’s pipe system until the water coming from the waste pipe runs clear.

Testing your chemical levels

Without proper chemical level maintenance, your pool is susceptible to murky water that is prone to bacteria and algae growth that can irritate your skin and eyes. Test your water once a week by taking samples and running them through a testing kit available from your local pool store and adjust your chemical levels as needed.

Maintaining your water levels

The water levels in your pool will naturally fluctuate depending on activity level and weather conditions. Ideally, your water should be halfway up the opening of your skimmer. Use your garden hose to bring your water level up to an optimal level, or rent a pump to drain any excess water. After restoring the proper water level, make sure to retest and adjust your chemicals for proper balance.

Winterizing your pool

Securing your pool for the colder months is essential to a smooth opening when the warm weather returns. Before closing your pool down for the winter, be sure to test your water for proper chemical balance. All excess water should be blown out of plumbing lines, and you’ll want to invest in a quality pool cover to protect against debris.

Scheduling service appointments

While most aspects of pool care can be handled yourself, there are some things that are better left to the professionals, such as the inspection, maintenance, and repair of pumps, filters, and heating systems. Annual service appointments from A&G Concrete Pools, Inc. in Treasure Coast, can help catch and prevent emerging issues that could be costly to fix later on down the road.

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