The Paradise Process

At A&G, we have been fortunate to build all kinds of pools and fountains for all kinds of clients. We have built competition swimming pools, lap pools, hotel pools, homeowner association pools, pools in and on top of multistory buildings, beach entry pools, tropical pools, geometric pools, entry fountains and thousands of backyard pools.

We have built them for homeowners, hoteliers, corporations, community associations, homeowner associations, non-profits, municipalities and builders. Through all of these variables, we have found several constants. Everyone who builds a pool, from simple to sensational, from residential to institutional, wants:

  • To build a piece of paradise on their property for the enjoyment of the people they care about.
  • The best value for his/her investment - the highest quality pool, equipment and service for the money.
  • An expert to design, construct and service their pool.
  • An orderly, dependable process.
  • Transparent pricing with no games.
  • Construction to be completed on time and on budget.
  • A hassle free customer experience.
  • To enjoy the pool for as long as they own it.

As a result, even though we build each of our pools custom for each of our unique clients, our process is standardized to deliver the highest quality pools, equipment and service and, ultimately, "Paradise" every time.

Our pool building and customer service process is called the "Paradise Process", and we invite you to learn more by scheduling an appointment with one of our award-winning designers by calling 1-866-957-6657 or contacting us for a no-obligation appointment.


As with a dream home, sometimes the right financing can help bring your dream pool to life.  If you are considering financing options, please know that many of our customers have found good lending partners in Paramount Capital and Lyon Financial

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