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So, you’ve made the big decision and you’re getting a swimming pool. This is an exciting time with lots of important questions to ask and decisions to be made, one of which is, “How am I going to pay for this?”

Many customers believe that their home must be used as collateral or that equity is required, but this is not the case. If you have crossed “paying cash” or “refinance” off your financing list, working with a partner that specializes in unsecured loan options for swimming pools may be your best option.

Lyon Financial works with homeowners to make their backyard dreams a reality through affordable loan options. Our team of experienced professional’s guides thousands of homeowners through the pool loan process each year, offering expertise and support until it’s time to jump into their new pool. We believe it is more important now than ever to keep customers informed and up to date, and to quickly address any of their questions or concerns, especially during times of economic uncertainty. Below are our most frequently asked questions with accompanying answers.


Q: What types of projects can I work with you to finance?

A: We are a one-stop shop for swimming pool, backyard living, and home improvement financing solutions. We have financing options for new swimming pool construction, swimming pool renovations, spas, landscaping, outdoor living, residential home remodeling and additions, and much more.

Q: What makes Lyon Financial different than a bank or other lender?

A: Lyon Financial is a respected financing consultant, in business since 1979. Through our exclusive network of lenders, we offer financing solutions for swimming pool and home improvement projects nationwide. Each application is reviewed by a member of our team, who works diligently to pair the applicant with the program that best matches their needs and qualifications. We also stay involved with both the homeowner and the pool contractor throughout the project and pay the contractor directly in stages as work progresses. Unlike banks, credit unions, and online lenders, our experience is unique to pools, not just any type of loan. We offer long-term loan options with low rates, catered for home improvements. These loan options are unsecured, meaning there are no appraisals or equity required.

Q: What are the loan qualifications/requirements?

A: Each applicant’s overall credit health is reviewed, including their credit score and debt-to-income (DTI) ratio. Ideally, a DTI of 50 percent or less (including the amount of the loan request) is preferred. Any recent negative marks, such as bankruptcies or tax liens, are also reviewed. We are able to offer financing options for most applicants with a credit score of 640 or above. The underwriter reviews the applicant’s entire credit profile, past payment performance, and experience with large secured and unsecured loans. All final loan decisions are at the discretion of our lending partners.

Q: What rates are available?

A: The low, fixed rates we offer through our lenders are dependent entirely on the individual applicant’s credit profile. The lowest rates are reserved for those with excellent and substantial credit. Interest rates can and do fluctuate as we have seen over this past year, due to increases by the Federal Reserve. However, the rates we offer remain the lowest in the industry. We encourage potential applicants to contact us for an idea of what rates they can expect, depending on the unique needs of their project and their individual credit profile. We are proud to boast a dedicated team of knowledgeable, friendly customer service specialists as a resource specifically for new inquiries.

Q: What terms are available?

A: Our lending partners offer terms up to 30 years, depending upon the applicant’s credit profile and the specific needs of their project. If a shorter loan term is desired, the customer can pay the loan off early. There are no prepayment penalties on any of the available loan options.

Q: Is a down payment required?

A: Typically, a down payment is not required. Customers can apply for the full amount of their contract (up to $200,000 for a single loan). Lyon Financial will make every effort to get the customer approved for the full amount requested. Occasionally, the customer may not be approved for the full loan amount requested. In that case, the customer would have to make up the difference between the financed portion and the total amount of the project. Additionally, customers are always welcome to make a down payment directly to their builder to reduce the overall financed amount of the project.

Q: Do you offer any special incentives for military customers?

A: Yes! Lyon Financial is proudly veteran owned and operated. Many members of our team are veterans themselves or have loved ones who have served in our country’s armed forces. As a small gesture of our immense appreciation, we are able to offer discounted fees for our military customers. Additionally, there is the potential for a discounted interest rate for those who qualify.

Our goal is to educate potential customers so that they can make informed decisions regarding their backyard dream of a pool, which is also a significant (yet extremely worthwhile) financial investment. If you have additional questions please contact us by calling 877-754-5966, emailing [email protected], or simply completing the contact form at

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