Happy Halloween From A&G!


Fall has arrived, and that means that Halloween is right around the corner. While pool owners may be mourning the end of summer, your home pool can serve as the perfect venue for spooky festivities. Under the moonlight, family and friends can enjoy a ghostly get-together around the shining jewel of your yard: the pool!

There are several ways to deck out your home pool for a Halloween bash. Here are our best tips:

Spine-Chilling Skeletons

At your Halloween pool party, floats and rafts can serve as seats for skeletons in your home pool. You and the kids can have fun dressing up plastic skeletons to join the spooky festivities on the water.

Blood-Red Pool Water

You can transform your crystal blue pool into a creepy bloodbath with the help of swimming pool dye. Swimming pool dye is designed to change the color of your pool water without staining your pool or clothing. It’s an easy, inexpensive way to give your party guests a fright!

Colored Pool Lights

If pool dye isn’t your style, you can still alter the color of your pool by switching out your white pool lights to red, green, or purple. Green can give your pool the look of a swamp, while purple provides a mysterious, ominous glow.

Fog Over The Water

To give your pool the look of an eerie lagoon, pair green pool lights with a fog. A fog machine can form a misty, ghostly cloud over the surface of your pool. Just make sure to conceal the fog machine behind other decor to keep the mystery intact!

Floating Pumpkins

For pool decor that’s more charming than startling, place your favorite jack-o’-lanterns in the pool. Pumpkins float in the water and serve as the quintessential Halloween decoration.

If you aspire to own your own pool, A&G can make your dream a reality. Reach out to us today to learn more about our pool construction process and how you can get started.

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