A&G Honors Area Veterans at New York Mets Spring Training Games



22 February, Saturday. Marlins.

Richard Lewis – U.S. Army – WWII- P.O.W. – Stalig 17

23 February, Sunday. Cardinals.

Pat Comer – U.S. Marine Corps – Gulf War

26 February, Wednesday. Houston.

Ron Pandolfi – U.S. Navy – Vietnam War

28 February, Friday. Cardinals.

Brian Ford – U.S. Navy – Vietnam War

01 March, Sunday. Washington.

Paul Wilson – U.S. Navy Seabees – Vietnam War

03 March, Tuesday. Marlins.

Art Mardon – U.S. Navy – Korean War

04 March, Wednesday. Cardinals.

Christine Morreale – U.S. Navy – Gulf War

07 March, Saturday. Washington.

Jim Fay – U.S. Navy/ U.S. Coast Guard (Retired) – Vietnam

08 March, Sunday. Houston.

Cecil Elie – U.S. Army – Vietnam War

11 March, Wednesday. Cardinals.

Jerome Riley – U.S. Army (173rd Airborne) – Gulf War

15 March, Sunday. Washington.

Lt. Col. Kent Hansen – U.S. Marine Corps – Gulf War

16 March, Monday. Houston.

Grant Southerland – U.S. Navy (Retired) – Gulf War

18 March, Wednesday. Detroit.

James Hofer – U.S. Navy – Uss Ranger – Vietnam

19 March, Thursday. Twins.

Gregory Cavin – U.S. Navy – Vietnam

21 March, Saturday. Houston.

Gregory Lopes – U.S. Army – Gulf War – Afghanistan

22 March, Sunday. Marlins.

Virginia Howell – U.S. Marine Corps – Served 1984-1997

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