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Building a pool is one of the largest purchases many of us will ever make, and selecting the right pool builder can be the difference between that large investment leading to a dream come true, buyer's remorse or even a worst nightmare. There are plenty of pool builders out there trying to capture your business. To select the right one, we encourage you to learn as much as you can and to become an informed buyer because when you do, we think you will see the A&G Difference.

Choosing A&G is an investment in your community

The Paradise Process

From the first contact, we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction as we expertly guide you through our step-by-step process which begins with transforming your ideas into design plans and delivers a piece of paradise for you to enjoy for as long as you own your pool.

Can’t overlook the basics.

We are licensed contractors, holding State Certified License # CPC057200 & State Certified License # CPC145790. Please make sure prospective builders are properly licensed.


We were founded on the belief that it was our calling to help bring our customers’ dreams to life, to get what they paid for and that we could build the highest quality pools and deliver the best service to provide an unmatched customer experience and value. We believe that our success has been a result of staying true to this calling and our values; and that one value in particular is at the heart of the A&G Difference-passion. We love what we do, and that love creates a sense of dedication, commitment and urgency which permeates everything we do. We work harder. We keep our promises. We do everything we can to make sure you are completely satisfied.

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We hope that you will discover the A&G Difference; and, that when you are ready for your pool, you will begin the Paradise Process at A&G Concrete Pools, Inc. by calling us at 772-878-7752 or sending us a note. 

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