About Us


To be the best builder of residential & commercial pools and fountains in the eyes of our customers, communities and people.


To help our customers find happiness and live the Florida dream by making it enjoyable to build, own and use a pool, now and for generations to come. We make it enjoyable by providing the best service, design, craftsmanship, products and value. We provide the best through our team’s unmatched passion, skill and ability to live by our Core Values.

Core Values

Integrity-  We are honest, keep our promises and accountable for our actions.

Passion-  Art started A&G because he was passionate about helping people realize their dreams of building their own pools and providing the best products and service. Every employee hired since then has had to demonstrate a similar passion for his/her role in the pool building process and serving the customer. You cannot be your best if you do not love what you do.

Excellence-  Our parents taught us that "everything worth doing is worth doing well", and they were right. We want and try to be the best at everything we do. We measure our results and strive to continuously improve.

Leadership-  It is not enough to build a high quality pool and provide exceptional service. We pride ourselves in building the pools that our competitors can’t. We want to be the first to innovate and to influence others to improve the products and services so that we may better serve our customers.

Community-  We are very fortunate and appreciate the opportunity to serve customers in communities throughout Florida. As a good corporate citizen, we like to actively participate in the communities we serve by contributing time and money to causes which help strengthen the community and improve the quality of life. While we give to a number of charitable causes, we focus on helping children and animals.