Our Core Values:

Travis Leonard, CEO & Partner, talks about A&G's philosophy on customer service, its commitment to investing in the Treasure Coast and its brand new headquarters built to better serve its customers and the community.

The Advantage

Building a pool is one of the largest purchases many of us will ever make, and selecting the right pool builder can be the difference between that large investment leading to a dream come true, buyer’s remorse or even a worst nightmare. There are plenty of pool builders out there trying to capture your business. To select the right one, we encourage you to learn as much as you can and to become an informed buyer because when you do, we think you will see the A&G Difference.
The A&G Advantage

Our Team

We are a family comprised of 70+ full time employees, not subcontractors, who share a passion for providing our customers with the best pools, service and products. Collectively, our family has amassed centuries of experience in the pool industry, and we maintain several affiliations to help us continuously improve and lead our industry. Our special level of expertise is reflected in many ways, such as our in-house service technicians being the equipment manufacturers’ authorized service professionals.

Meet the A&G Team

What Sets A&G Apart from the Rest

A&G is an established, experienced name in pool building. With a trained team, detailed design process, and our own 20,000-square-foot warehouse, we’re able to offer the highest level of quality and reliability in the industry. After all, a pool is a sizable investment, making your choice of pool builder crucial. We feel confident that when you compare us to the competition, our advantage will shine through.

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Due to extraordinary demand in Florida pool construction, our 2023 reservations have rapidly been filled, and
is currently our earliest start date for new projects. By making your reservation now for 2024 pool construction, you’ll benefit from locked-in prices on materials and labor, as well as added time for pool design planning.

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