A Successful Chili Cook-Off For Our ClubKids!

At A&G Concrete Pools, we’re proud to have incredible partners in our community outreach efforts. This year, during the 38th Annual Chili Cook-Off of the Boys & Girls Club of St. Lucie County, our partners’ exceptional efforts were highlighted.

Our title sponsors at the Chili Cook-Off raised $15,748 to improve the lives of our ClubKids. We’re blown away by the generosity of all who partook in this wonderful event!

The Boys & Girls Club of St. Lucie County needs funding to continue their programs, and all donations from the cook-off will go towards supporting local kids aged 6 to 18. While A&G has been a title sponsor of the Chili Cook-Off for the past three years, we’re happy to have taken part in this annual fundraising event this year.

The team at A&G Concrete Pools serves as our ambassadors. Not only did they participate in the cook-off, but they also expanded the event by sharing it within their circles of influence. United by the goal of providing kids with a safe place to grow on the path to young adulthood, our team worked admirably to make a difference.

We are thankful to everyone who participated in this year’s Chili Cook-Off to support our ClubKids. While the event had to be restructured to keep everyone safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was an enormous success. If you missed the virtual broadcast of the Chili Cook-Off, don’t worry! It’s available for viewing at any time online here: https://bgcofslc.org/event/chili-cook-off/

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