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Our Commitment to the Community

Our Commitment to the Community

30 Years of Community Service - and 30 More to Come

Investing in Your Lifestyle - and The Community. A pool built by A&G is guaranteed to add value and happiness to your home, your family, your business and the most pressing needs of our communities.

How We Do It

Our Team at A&G Concrete Pools


A&G Concrete Pools, Inc., is more than a corporation; and, even though we use the word "Team", it's even more than that. We are a family comprised of 70+ full time employees who share a passion for providing our customers with the best pools, service and products. Collectively, our family has amassed centuries of experience in the pool industry. Let us put this experience to work for you!

In our industry, you will find many contractors who come and go using subcontractors and the cheapest possible labor. We have taken a very different approach. Wanting to be the best, we know that we must actively recruit and hire employees who possess the greatest amount of talent and dedication to our vision, mission and values. On the front end, hiring craftsmen and specialists possessing our shared values costs us a little more, and we go even further by providing our Team with retirement and healthcare benefits; however, we have done the math to prove that delivering the best pools, products and service and avoiding costly mistakes saves us (and our customers) much more, allowing us to provide unbeatable value at the completion of the project and for the life of the pool.

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